Masters Exteriors – Your Bothell Siding Contractors. We offer nothing less than the Best.

  • Superior Fire Protection – Non-combustible
  • Resists Moisture Damage – No pulping
  • Insect Proof – No insect damage or Infestation
  • Better Paint Adhesion – Lower expansion and contraction than vinyl or wood
  • Green! – made of earth products: water, cement, sand, and wood pulp
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available ColorPlus Baked-on Paint Finish – with a 15 year guarantee

Masters Exteriors are the experts in installing James Hardie cement fiber siding products. We recommend James Hardie compared to wood or other manufactured siding materials. Being made of cement it is very durable and not subject pulping when wet like other fiber boards, such as LP siding. Their superior products have made James Hardie one of the most popular siding providers in the industry with over 5 million homes protected by their siding.

Many distinctive James Hardie siding styles to choose from:

Hardie Plank

Hardie Shingle

Hardie Artisan

Hardie Panel Stucco

Hardie Panel Vertical

Hardie Panel Smooth

Hardie Panel Sierra

Bothell Siding Contractors

The problem with siding is that you have too many choices. You might be looking at it and thinking I just want someone to rip off this old siding and replace it with new. If you hire someone and that is the extent of the conversation, then you are working with a laborer with a hammer, not a contractor. Putting on new siding is like putting on a new dress. We don’t know if other Bothell siding contractors would agree with us, but that is our opinion.

Putting on New Siding is Like Changing Your Clothes

When you put on a new dress or shirt you get to pick the style, colors, fabric, and fashion. When you strip off the siding from a home you are basically at the same position. From there, you get to pick the color, style, texture, patterns, and finish. The difference between new siding and new clothes is that people usually buy their clothes off the rack; pre-made. When we put on new siding, it is all custom, no pre-fab. Your imagination is the limit.

The Widest Variety in Styles, Colors, and Finished

Using James Hardie fiber cement siding gives us the building blocks to create a wide variety of textures, patterns and finishes. If we combine it with faux stone veneer we can even get more creative. There are various wood textures or just flat finish for your siding. There are large interlocked panels, batten siding, ship-lap, or traditional. There are shake shaped, scalloped, and thin strip.

Long Lasting with Low Maintenance

Fiber cement is sturdy, strong, long-lasting, and low maintenance. It goes on easy and is insect resistant. With craft people that are skilled artisans we bring fit and finish to make your project stand out from the crowd. Whether we paint it or you purchase factory painted panels, we can assure you and guarantee you a superb result that reflects our company’s pride and dedication.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

While we know just how reputable our company is having serviced the Bothell area since 1978, we back it up by assuring you we are licensed, bonded, insured, and eager to work on your project. If you are looking for Bothell siding contractors you have just found, what we like to think of as, the best.

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